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Flohre, A., C. Fischer, T. Aavik, J. Bengtsson, F. Berendse, R. Bommarco, P. Ceryngier, L.W. Clement, C. Dennis, S. Eggers, M. Emmerson, F. Geiger, I. Guerrero, V. Hawro, P. Inchausti, J. Liira, M.B. Morales, J.J. Oñate, T. Pärt, W.W. Weisser, C. Winqvist, C. Thies, and T. Tscharntke. 2010. Agricultural intensification and biodiversity partitioning in European landscapes comparing plants, carabids and birds. Ecological Applications in press


Geiger F., J. Bengtsson, F. Berendse, W.W. Weisser, M. Emmerson, M.B. Morales, P. Ceryngier, J. Liira, T. Tscharntke, C. Winqvist, S. Eggers, R. Bommarco, T. Pärt, V. Bretagnolle, M. Plantegenest, L.W. Clement, Ch. Dennis, C. Palmer, J.J. Oñate, I. Guerrero, V. Hawro, T. Aavik,  C.
Thies, A. Flohre, S. Hänke, Ch. Fischer, P. Inchausti.
2010. Persistent negative effects of pesticides on biodiversity and biological control potential on European farmland. Basic and applied ecology 11:97-105


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Foto: Jan-Eric Hägerroth


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